The 4 Types of Phone Scams You Must Be Aware Of

Unfortunately, the era of the smartphone is also paving the way for smart scammers. As more people are increasing their usage of gadgets, more sketchy ways of exploiting users and user data seem to be emerging. Since using electronic devices is a major part of our lives, it is important to be aware of the plethora of phone scams out there.

SMS Scam

These come in many forms. Whether it is a “sick” individual begging for charity or a lottery winning blast, dump all of these messages in the bin.

In some cases, the scammer may impersonate a friend and coax you to call them. Once you call them, you are charged ridiculously high for the text message or call. Charges also increase by the second. Another very common messaging scam is that the scammer makes it seem as if your bank is texting you. They then coax out the victim’s personal and confidential information which could be detrimental in the wrong run. One must be careful of falling for this scam. The scammers are always on the lookout for making money or blackmailing their targets. So, be aware of any message that is asking you to divulge your information.

The One-Ring Call Scam

This scam starts off with phone calls that ring only once. The scammers have their fingers crossed that you will call them back. Once you do get duped into calling them back, you are charged a connection bill as well as a minute fee that is absurdly costly.

Voicemail Scams

These are just as sketchy in appearance as the one-ring call scam. However, in these scams, instead of a ring, you get a recorded voicemail telling you to call back urgently. The urgent message is a “non-existent” prize money, bond or lottery that you have won. When you have been lured into calling back, you would be horrified to find out that you have been charged an exorbitant amount of connection and phone charges.

Phishing Call Scam

This is cloaked in many forms such as the SMS and one-ring call scam described above. But this is a more deadly one as you may be giving some very confidential and private information to a bad egg without your knowledge. The scammer calls from some renowned company hoping the customer would have some relation to that company. The targets receive an automated message claiming to be from “Samsung” alleging that their Google or G-mail account has been hacked. You are then directed to another malicious live person who coaxes you to pay for the anti-virus software. To make the situation even worse, the poor victim is actually paying for malware.

Phone scammers are a dime a dozen. They are strewn everywhere with their shady schemes and shameless attitudes. As a consumer of electronic gadgets, it is important for the users to be informed of these notorious scams. The more awareness that spreads, the easier it will be for these scams to die down.

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